Spiral Wetland

by Stacy Levy

    • Construction begins April 23, 2013
    • At Lake Fayetteville, western shore
    • Free and open to the public; no tickets required

Spiral Wetland is an outdoor eco-art project inspired by Robert Smithson’s famous outdoor sculpture Spiral Jetty. This early earthwork, created in 1970, is a spiral of black basalt rocks and earth trucked out into the shallow Great Salt Lake in Utah.

Spiral Wetland will expand on the concept of the spiral in nature, creating an artwork with a specific ecological goal: to improve the water quality of Lake Fayetteville.   Stacy Levy, whose artwork was a part of Artosphere’s inaugural visual arts exhibition, Beyond Sublime/Changing Nature, will create a 129 foot long spiral floating wetland that will stretch from the shoreline into the lake.  Instead of rocks and earth— Spiral Wetland will have native plants growing in the floating wetlands. These plants help to take excess nutrients from the lake water and add shade for fish habitat.  At the end of the installation, the plants will be adopted and replanted in other wetlands.

Spiral Wetland will be dramatically visible from a number of vantage points along the nature trail around Lake Fayetteville, most notably from the dam and boat dock, and more intimately experienced by kayakers, canoers and fisherman on the water.

Levy will join Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art artist Celeste Roberge for a conversation entitled “Artists Collaborating with Nature” on April 28 in the Great Hall at Crystal Bridges.  For more information, click here.

270px-Stacy_LevyStacy Levy’s projects reveal the beauty of unseen patterns in nature and the presence of natural forces in our built environments. Her principal focus is on our understanding of water in all its forms including acid mine drainage, urban streams, and rainwater. Many of her recent projects redirect storm water runoff to reduce erosion and pollution. Levy graduated from Yale University with a B.A. in Sculpture with a minor in Forestry. She earned an M.F.A. from Tyler School of Art, Temple University, Philadelphia. Her numerous awards include the Pew Fellowship in the Arts.

“Meshing the clarity of maps and diagrams, and the accessibility of science with the visceral sense of the site, I try to create an instant of wonder and understanding for the viewer.” – Stacy Levy

Coming soon: Q&A about the plans, materials and long-terms plans for the sculpture, project renderings, and more!